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I want to kiss you

Posted by Tuan Muda

At 10.10 a.m. the result of the final examination would be officially announced. Diana, Farida, Koko, Hery, Hastuti and Betty Assembled in front of the main gate of the school.
They were talking about their plans after senior high school. Diana wanted to know what her friends wanted to be.
“What is your plan after your senior high school, farida ?” Diana asked.
Well, I want to continue my study to university, replied farida
“What about you, Hastuti? What are you going to be?” Diana asked.
“I am not sure. Actually I want to continue my study to university, but I think my parents can not afford to support my study. Higher education is very very expensive. Hastuti tried to explain
Oh, I am sorry to hear that, but I think you have a lot of opportunities. Don’t give up friend, said Diana slowly.
Thank you. Maybe I want toapply for a job firs then continue my study. Hastuti answered
That’s a good idea. I know that your English is above the others. Diana added
Meanwhile, koko was the last person Diana wanted to know.
Koko, what are you going to do now? Go to university? Join the army?. Find a job? Or others
Koko did not know yet what he wanted to do then, and suddenly he said. Mmm, what I want to do now is that I want to kiss you.
What? Diana was surprised. She did not realize if koko would say such a thing. All Diana is friends laughed uproariously.

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